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  CD CC$107 - Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful



God Is Easy Lovin'
Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful
God Is Good To Me
This Old Church
See You There

It Was You, Lord
You May Be The Only Bible
The Second Coming Of The Lord
The Last Word In His Name Is "Us"
Christmas Is For Jesus
Help Me Be Worthy
"This has to be the best gospel album Freddie has ever released. Most of the 11 songs were written by Freddie himself and many of us who work with Freddie have been blessed, and our faith bolstered by these songs. I'm sure they will touch your heart as well. Radio would never have been the same without Freddie Hart and this CD is just one more example." - Don Edwards, Radio Air Personality.




CD HR00910 - I Wouldn't Trade America For The World

I Wouldn't Trade America For The World
Purple Heart (Live)
Only You
The Greatest Gift Of All
Sure Thing
Brother Bluebird


Hank Williams Guitar
Why Should I Cry Over You
Born A Fool
Misty Blue
I'll Hold You In My Heart


The reviews received on this CD have been consistently positive; one thing a reviewer wrote regarding Freddie's music kind of caught our eye: "If you don't know Freddie Hart's work, you might want to check this album out."

That's one thing we've known for years...Freddie's music withstands all tests of time and quality.

  CD HR61505 - Good Vibrations



The Keys In The Mailbox
Trip To Heaven
Super Kind Of Woman
If Finger Prints(Showed Up On Skin)
Drink Up And Go Home
Unbelievable Love
N.Y. Joe & Redneck Tennessee
Bless Your Heart
  The Scars On Jesus Christ
My Hang Up Is You
I Can Almost See Houston (From Here)
Easy Lovin’
The First TIme
Sermon On The Mountain
This CD has been a best seller at Freddie's concerts. It's a mixture of some of his golden country "nuggets" and a couple of his gospel recordings.


  CD HR13006 - I Will Never Die



I Will Never Die
The Scars On Jesus Christ
Heaven’s Only Knee High
Let’s Witness For The Lord
Help Me Be Worthy

What More Can I Ask
Without Jesus
Where He Leads Me
Don’t Ever Let Go
Dedicating All Of Me
Another concert favorite; this CD contains some of Freddie's favorite gospel recordings.

Vinyl LP's

  Capitol LP ST11197 - Trip To Heaven



Trip To Heaven
I'm No Angel
You Belong To Me
Twin Of An Angel

  Love Did This To Me
Skid Row Street
Coldest Bed
Living On Leftovers Of You
Ugly Duckling
These were recently re-discovered; still sealed "cutout" vinyl LP's of this 1973 release. We have a limited supply of these in stock; get one while the supply lasts!
  Freddie & The Hearbeats Tour Book



This is the same tour book that is sold at all of Freddie's public appearances. It's chocked full of pictures and information that is published nowhere else on the planet. It is a must have for any Freddie Hart & The Heartbeats fan!