Mr. Easy Lovin'
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His Life

Freddie was born in Lochapoka, Alabama, one of fifteen children, in a family of sharecroppers. His only schooling was first and second grade in Phenix City, Alabama. Experience has been his teacher; he did a little bit of everything back then--from working in the fields to the steel and cotton mills, then being a lumberjack; even washed a lot of dishes and flipped a lot of burgers as a short order cook.

He was twelve years old when he went into the Civilian Conservation Corps for a year, then at age fourteen he enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly after the outbreak of World War II. During that war he campaigned in Guam and Iwo Jima as a soldier in the third Marine Division, 4th Battalion, 12th Marines.

He learned acrobatics and studied Jujitsu at a very early age, then went into the Judo Division and now holds the 4th to 6th Degree Don Black Belt. He taught some in the Marine Corps and some when he got out. However, Freddie claims to be a lover, not a fighter. He explains: "...there is too much hurt in the world, already."

Freddie Hart isn't one to sit around and watch the world go by; he remains active, commuting back and forth between his home in Burbank, California and Nashville, Tennessee where he still records his music.

Freddie and his wife manage and run their own publishing company.

In Freddie's spare time, he's a prolific painter. He's painted mostly memories of his childhood; those strong roots keep him firmly grounded; his faith in God keeps him humble; and his love for friends and family keep him strong...after all, they don't call him "Mr. Easy Lovin" for nothing; Freddie's the real deal.